About us

Piskar d.o.o. has been taking care of home and environment for over 30 years and offers bags and numerous other products for the household and industry. We are a modern, stable and reliable company with long tradition and recognisability. Piskar d.o.o. takes care of its employees and fulfils the needs of its customers.

Our values

The protection of nature and environment We were among the first in Slovenia to start making biodegradable garbage bags. For the production of bags, we are using  recycled materials and we take care of our environment to keep it clean. We strictly follow all rules and recommendations for foil separation, which is a waste by  product in the production process. The majority of the waste foil is recycled and reused. With every processed ton of recycled plastic we prevent up to two tons of greenhouse gases that would otherwise be produced during the normal granulate production.

Material and product quality

Our quality control begins with the selection of materials. First class materials without harmful admixtures ensure a quality and safe final product, which is also  confirmed by testing at various institutes and by numerous certificates. We perform technical suitability tests of our products and take care of their traceability and quality from production to the end user.

Why choose our products?

  • Environmentally and health friendly products that fulfil the highest standards and are made of highest quality and harmless materials
  • Continuous product tracking, quality control and the acquired certificates garanted the quality and safety of the products
  • Products are packed in a practical, eco-friendly packaging
  • Flexible production to specific customer needs
  • Our portfolio includes scrented bags, household bags, biodegradable bags, foils and other interesting products