<strong>1986 - 1990, Piskar Anton s.p., Titova cesta 41, Ljubljana</strong>
<br>Piskar Anton redemptions and assume a small craft workshop for the manufacture of polyethylene bags.
<strong>1990 - 1993, Piskar s.p., Brnciceva cesta 11b, Ljubljana Crnuce</strong>
<br>His craft workshop moved to a location in Crnuce, thereby also increase production and hire additional workers.
<strong>1993 - 2002, Piskar s.p., Piskar d.o.o., Dunajska cesta 421, Ljubljana Crnuce</strong>
<br>The turning point in the history of the company, because buying a new machine begins to produce polyethylene film.
<strong>2002 - today, Piskar d.o.o., Sneberska cesta 138b, Ljubljana Polje</strong>
<br>Due to the expansion of its own production company purchases its own premises in Sneberje.